D4C Dental Brands, Inc. focuses exclusively on supporting pediatric dental practices and orthodontic practices. We support general dentists to primarily work on teens, but 85-90% of the doctors we support are pediatric or orthodontic specialists. Our offices are beautifully decorated and designed for patient and parent comfort.


Pediatric Dentistry
With over 30 pediatric dental locations in Georgia, South Carolina, and the greater Washington DC area, D4CDB dental offices provide a professional and caring environment outfitted with the latest dental innovations. Each office has the best in dental support staff, a highly trained team of dental specialists, and an environment designed to let children relax and feel at home during their visit. Imaginatively painted murals run from floor to ceiling, and our play areas have the latest games, toys, and movies, to give patients and parents an enjoyable experience.



Our 30+ orthodontic offices accurately and effectively address the specialized orthodontic needs of each patient, and guarantee they are given the best available care. Each office provides an inviting environment to adult patients, pediatric patients, and parents. Dental and orthodontic needs can vary greatly, and we are prepared to address those needs with the utmost care and dedication.